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Email Extractor. Extract emails from website.

This topic is about an awesome tool named email extractor I stumbled upon. It extracts email addresses from community bulletins. They all have email addresses. It happens that people leave contact info such as phones, emails on sites.

Do you know how to take out customer' emails from websites like blogs and forums ? You can search them manually by using Google, Yahoo, Bing or let this work do to email extractor. Sometimes you don't need to scan and extract emails form the whole site but only one or list of pages. Enter urls to email extractor and it will do the work for you. One of the best ways to sell your products is to contact potential customers directly.

Email extractor can search, extract, harvest email addresses on blogs, forums, Facebook, Youtube or in any other place where leads appear. Email extractor may take out emails from mail boxes, files , and so on. In some situations you don't know sites you need to scan for emails but you might have relevant and domain specific keywords describing your potential customers. What you need to do is to enter relevant keywords in the textbox of application and press start button inside email extractor.

Email extractor tool is useful when you want to contact people and boast about your products. Extract emails from sites Enter site/blog/forum name you want to scan and extract email addresses. You can extract all emails from documents, text, files.

Do you have any idea where your customers hang on on internet ? I believe they are spend time on websites such as forums and blogs. You might not know where your leads hang on but you know the keywords related to your business. Use these keywords in email extractor and it will find all of them in search engine like google. What if you have a great product and you don't know how to make it famous. How to get your audience/customers know about your product/service? You have to advertise it somehow.

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From Russia, fleeing people and money

Another zhalche that people running. The Chamber official said: ... The wave of immigration is slightly less than after 1917. This data confirms the director of the Federal Migration Service Romodanovsky: ... How much is returned, he did not say.

But all these can be multiplied by the number of official and two and three. Because not everyone decorate their immigration official. They still have our citizenship, is flat, and although the family has long lived in the West, the emigrant statistics, it does not fall.

Just left 1.25 million people - is it worth to worry about? . But because they think those who think people like cattle - on the head. However, the herdsman is not left without wipers. Left for engineers, doctors, scientists, students. Older scientists die young leave.

And we are comforted by talking about demography. Like, offset by a decline in visitors.

Unfortunately, most of these newcomers janitors, laborers. Even if the number of immigrants was equal to the number of people leaving, it might comfort him only a fool.

If a glass of vodka and pour continuously add water, the amount of liquid will be stable, the glass is still full of. But who will it drink?.
Power said: ...

Putin says ...

Greece - Bankrupt. At least one person from Greece emigrated to Russia?.

What's going on here? .

We come to Davos and invite investors to invest in Russia. Are these burzhuiny not know how to run from this capital?.
22 billion dollars - is this the same ...
On Wednesday, the deputy of the ... This - 500 000 businessmen. For the year. With their wives, parents and children - consider themselves.
The reason - not a crisis ( because the crisis in the world). The reason - the policy.
Leave intelligent, capable, healthy.
Who would have thought! .
But there is a question of immigrants. Hey you, young, smart, healthy - you have millions of. Why did you leave? .
In August 1991 the streets of Moscow roared tanks to drive people back into the socialist camp. On the street ( to the White House ), came only a few thousand and - turned the story. ].

Yes, we cheated and robbed and then. But the main lesson can not be canceled, citizens can turn the story.
Instead, they die, leave, giving football fans Manege. ( If it was not a note in the newspaper, and the speech at the rally, then this place would have yelled: ... ).

Office on Drugs - the world's largest. For alcohol - first in the world. Abortion - the first in the world. Are we - Never in my life evil, stupid, silly?.
But Russian and live in other states. And there they are increasingly. And there they behave differently. So, it's not in the genes, not of blood, and in the State. The system.
The system promises to women money for children. The system distributes awards ( more athletes ). Soon there will be reward for labor, will be given a medal for not having gone.

The world population is growing. And not only in China and India. Brazil added 30 million, Canada is a stable added 8 million, the old Japan - 9000000. And rich and poor countries grow. And Russia (which is easier all through the crisis ) is reduced. Made a census, stole a bunch of money, but are silent about the results, adding machine was broken, rusted scores.
And here are killing so many and so easily, as if the killers think that taking away someone else's life, they increase their.
And here reduces the formation of up to four items, although it would be logical to cut up to one. Cram all the science in a few pages OBZH. The main thing is the textbook should be simple.
arithmetic. Bribe rollback = Budget Palace.
geography. City of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Skolkovo located on the outskirts of the cooperative ...
economic Geography. Since 2000, the city of St. Petersburg, Moscow and all the others, where there is something useful, are included in the boundaries of the cooperative ...
right. Law number one: Putin is always right. ( This is the main law of Russia, formulated by scientists Churov, which is awarded for the post with flashing lights. ).
From a number of law logically follow all other laws, including the Criminal Code. So, for the same offense someone gets 14 years, someone - the Order of Merit. ( Foreigners only outraged because they did not understand the law is still number 1. Kadyrov - the case, forcing the weak to question number 1. ).
Physics and Chemistry. Energy saving light bulb is screwed into the filter, purifying water from the radioactivity. Land released for Science Cities and the world championships in football.
nanotechnology. The precipitate after a multibillion-dollar investment, measured in millichubaysah.
medicine. poultices.
education. Harmful superstition, a relic of the past damned.
reading. Bad habit interferes with watching TV. In the near future, a light reading will be prosecuted.
astronomy. Temporarily closed due to loss of satellite.
social science. Forward, Russia!.
A few days ago... Defense Minister traveled to the Kuril Islands Japanese tease. He returned and reported to the president: ...
Well what can I say. It is a pity that most of the population of Russia somehow different from the poor inhabitants of wild islands.
P. S. Surveys in schools show that 45% of graduates do not exclude the possibility of leaving, and from 18 to 24 % are determined to seek out. Ready to leave the country up to 30 % of entrepreneurs. 4 million Russians have a residence permit in the EU and the U.S.. Hundreds of thousands of families send their children to study abroad. Russian apartments and houses in the UK today, more than 400,000 in Germany - about 350 000 in France - not less than 250,000....
For 79% of potential emigrants, the motive is the desire to live under the rule of law, human rights and freedoms, and for 69% - to avoid the arbitrariness of the authorities. ( Data are presented by Vladislav Inozemtsev, the director of the Center for Post-Industrial Society. ).


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In detail

Heromant. asked the torch run. On topic, I do not have enough. A Fig knows?. It seems just enough. Maybe sometimes lack the ability to focus at the right time. Perhaps the courage of everyday life is not always enough. Maybe mandatory. But if enough of me to be a man - the robot would have been a.

Again, trolls Otake. I'm sitting, smiling. And you poulybaytes. To outright mockery of feedback and did not make it - fellow retired.

half_nightmare (20:23:52 15/02/2010).
or whatever your patronymic Wöhl?.

15505479 (20:24:20 15/02/2010).
good. ).

half_nightmare (20:25:21 15/02/2010).
Please do share your thoughts on earnings!.

half_nightmare (20:38:57 15/02/2010).
on what questions you can consult?.

15505479 (20:40:50 15/02/2010).
on any. ask.

half_nightmare (20:41:33 15/02/2010).
Should I start hoditsya the seminars ' Novice investors ' even though I did not boom boom.
hachu to get big money.
ie many kolichesktvo not just larger in size!.

15505479 (20:42:59 15/02/2010).
investor - is the one who invests its available cash. how much money you have for investment?.

half_nightmare (20:46:34 15/02/2010).
$ 100 is enough?.

half_nightmare (21:28:34 15/02/2010).
Offline Message (15. 02. 2010 21:11:51 ).
cost is to do what I chtol govaryat?.

half_nightmare (21:28:34 15/02/2010).
Offline Message (15. 02. 2010 21:14:44 ).
Well, like I have acne, but I squeezed govaryat or wave! .

half_nightmare (21:28:34 15/02/2010).
Offline Message (15. 02. 2010 21:15:36 ).
and yet I would like to gain weight but nekak nepoluchaetsya.

half_nightmare (21:32:54 15/02/2010).
also in the astral hachu!.

half_nightmare (21:33:00 15/02/2010).
how to get it? *.

Speaking of porn. The club flashed a reference to the book by Alex Goia ' Thank you all '. Awesome. Persons in the subject, even considering that the book was written ' nigger ' on the grounds. read all. For newbies just alphabet free, though by kontentschika, not adverts. I firmly for five years immersed in the subject because of one customer, it was nice to remember the days of dashing. smiled.

Sign up. to update the blog with one click!. Read on Twitter!. ::. Advertising blog.

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Combining nano-and biotechnology has created a device that converts the energy of sunlight to electricity twice as effective analogues.

The decomposition of water fotoelektrolizom for hydrogen fuel - one of the most promising areas for future development of energy. The main problem in this way, as usual, is to increase the efficiency of photoelectrochemical cells in which this process occurs: the conversion of sunlight into electricity and use it to split water molecules. A significant step forward in this direction have recently Swiss scientists have used for this purpose, a natural pigment extracted from algae, and in some ways imitated the natural mechanisms of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is generally considered one of the most attractive targets of Energy, along with such prospects as fusion. Reliable, ...

One approach to this is the use of photoelectrochemical cells. Typically, the electrodes are made ​​of semiconducting materials - such as metal oxides, many of which possess the photocatalytic properties. Recently, Swiss researchers together with colleagues from the United States proposed the use of ... According to their report, such a complex system is twice as efficient in producing hydrogen than iron oxide itself.

Iron oxide (III) - for example, in the form of hematite - generally considered a very promising material for photoelectrochemical cells for the electrodes: it can absorb sunlight in the visible wavelength range, making it more efficient than conventional titanium oxide (IV), which absorbs only . And, of course, it is much cheaper than titanium and common equivalent.

The second component of ... The importance of its functions for the photosynthetic bacteria can say at least the fact that in some conditions, phycocyanin can be up to 60% of all cellular proteins.

Scientists have demonstrated that phycocyanin molecules associated with hematite nanoparticles are very effectively captures photons of visible light. According to their estimates, obtained with the electric double stronger than a conventional iron oxide electrode.

However, even in an alkaline medium Photoelectrochemical cells, and a sufficiently strong light, the protein remains intact, preserving its structure and function. This fact has puzzled many authors develop, waiting for it pretty fast denaturation and degradation: too aggressive conditions.

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SMScoin gives bloggers an interesting kind of earnings

SMS- service billing SMScoin invites all bloggers a very interesting version of the revenue - SMS: Key.

If your blog or site has a large constant audience interested in the materials of your life, then you can for some new articles to open a full access only after the payment via SMS. For example, you wrote a three-dimensional useful article on some new and interesting topic for your readers. But then do not place it completely in the public domain (as usual) - then you put just the entry, and then offer to pay for access to this article. If a lot of readers, and worthy of an article - it's a good way to make money even in RuNet.

Also - the service offers a host of other options for income -related payments via SMS, which is optimal for micropayments.

Roadshow: Answers to your questions - July 2011

Spomoni. Who moved in after the ban on spam blogspote for wordpress.

When closed dom2?.

If no subring, then any show closes as soon as the ratings are falling. Judging by the fact that the show is still running, and auditions draw thousands of people - the show will make us happy for a long time. On the other side of the house -2 is already a thing in itself, something like nedoKVN, not only has an entire industry ( Souvenirs, media) around, but the cooking staff for TNT and TV stations such as' Guess the word of five letters, encrypted on-screen . Someone has to do it, so that the house - two live happily for a long time.

the same question about the software on your example.

The question of how to build sales of software is not as simple to describe it in two words, but I will try to. It is necessary to find an audience, to prepare it, then give the desired product, and maintain interest in this product has not yet exhausted itself conjuncture of the market that provides interest in the software somewhere. If the fingers, the product needs to be somebody, and it should be updated as interesting and useful.

I have a question from the domain of the PR chtli or relationship with the audience. I have a network of sites - one urban site of a certain area. White Sata for people with permanent classrooms. All of them with a different design, and hardly anyone would understand that the owner of a - of a mass audience. Question - if you stick at the bottom of the link, and somehow it all together - to make a central site - there is news out there selling advertising, contact General. That seems to me that this would cause such thoughts from the audience - a - a ' not ours ' are any stray zarabatyvalschiki, we do not need them, they do not care and do not care. People in the provinces, it is important that it was now ' my kids ' seems to me. Although all editors are - local news. We are really working for people. The second option - it will give an increase in the image - in reliability, longevity, success, the magnitude of both visitors and advertisers.
To sum up - the question - whether the white tie projects in a certain, that all this is one tselove vobschem something? .

In the image to anyone? . Corporate consumer will see that you are really cool, going to the link with a business card or website link in the pan on your corporate website. Another thing is that if the sites have a common core of queries, it is easy to run through such a merger on the filter from the affiliate Yandex that do not care from the perspective of corporate interests, and if you primarily stowing attendance. I've caught. twice. It is a shame it was losing hundreds of bass in the search. The well-known publishing group from Chelyabinsk, which covered their digital city portals almost all provincial one million, unites them exactly as I described above. But they are selling advertising, not the links and they do not care for Yandex.

Presumably, how much and with what parameters need to buy links in kazape in order to obtain particles 10 for six-month nulevika site?.

My tests show the numbers from 100 to 200 links to achieve tITs10 -20. Probably, when you buy tITsistyh sites and the proximity of topics can be smaller numbers.

Dmitry, hello! .

It has long been thinking of a number of articles on ' How am I doing. '. In a sense, a lengthy post about the drill was the first experience. Each person has a unique and interesting experience, to some, and sometimes several regions, even if it is a primitive way of life. Write how you cook an omelet, or do you fry a shish kebab, or how to collect the computer from other computers, pieces of. With all these unpretentious office just interested in the widest possible audience - because they understood.

Interested in books on the effective management of people. In terms of how to assemble a team and effectively delegate responsibility. What can you advise?.

My husband is fond of such books. I myself prefer to follow an effective experience in actual production, for example, customers. Books on the core business, and if I 'm reading, the marketing and the classics.

seo- how purchased software you use?.

Sapemaster to sap and seolib to check the position. That's a lot of software, mostly donations, Pastukhov base, such as. But I use is extremely rare - there is no need, or buy ready-made end products.

How to fuck a porcupine?.

B-Red, you have about your hair, or what?.

If there is a strong desire to become acquainted with the girls in 22 years, this is normal or not? .

Hard to say, I have the hand not holding. Usually male hypersexuality due to high content of testosterone in the blood, which is burned, including through the exercise. Perhaps, in the gym go too often, or just very tired at work. Maybe life is nervous or work. I do not see anything critical. Over time, want to. I, too, sometimes for 2-3 months did not want to.

If we are unwilling to start a relationship, then there could be anything - from trauma to the increased mental workload. Just look at what you want - often those who refuse to relationships and sex is sublimated into a strong desire for something else. If there is no desire, then you are a latent gay.

Share experiences of delegation.

The main thing here, to learn not to fear that the person hurt. And try not to think about what he will do worse. Anyone who is not you, will do worse, but it will not try to intentionally hurt. It is normal. We must somehow come to peace with yourself and accept the fact that your delegate will be able to do only part of your job. That's why he gets the less you. Then everything goes by itself.

When you write on the purchase of inbound links for SEO? .

I wrote. I buy quick and theme - in Sapa. Fast, static and non-thematic - in kazape. Highly topical - in miralinks. Matter - in the grid blogs. Sapa offers quick results, it reinforces kazapa and cheaper, allows you to fight for miralinks serious inquiries and record results. Grid blogging blurs a reference to the natural.

Dmitry, you are now a little about politics once you write something about bombanite People's Front.

I'm just a little interested in it. People's Front - an amorphous association in order to show the power of the ruling regime and delay the film from the EP. Frankly, I thought that the course will be different - one of the two should have been sacrificed to second shutout. But apparently, each reluctant to leave the scene and decided to hit a broad front, which will collapse by itself after the presidential election. To win the right to beat people, rather than a specific figure, and therefore need the front.

Dima, with a minimum budget of how you can get involved in the establishment of travel agencies in the region?.
And what is better - a franchise or a brand in this business?.

It is possible and with zero. Judging by the question you're not familiar with this business. There are tour operators, travel agents have. Agents can sell any tour operator, without incurring any liability - it is passed on to the operator, which acquired Stay. Hence, to get started you need a desk, chair and office. And advertising. And to conclude a contract with the operators. Construct an operator's activity - the same brand - it is long and expensive. And every year more and more expensive - to feel a.

When they open the ' House- 3'? .

Probably never. I hope never. no. Do not know.

Where can I get a normal Internet acquiring business to start? .

RBKmani, Intellektmani. 3% from any payment, no initial predatory extortion. Connection takes one day, the conclusion of the contract - about a month, taking into account Russia -mail.

What is more interesting for you business or sex?.

What is not long, then the more interesting.

a. Dmitry tell by looking at the statistics you see any Kazapy ' theme ' for the earnings on your exchange? .

The first question does not really understand. What themes can be seen by looking at the stats? . rubles. Possible if the mesh has a good non-zero sites.

2. What to do with dozens of ' school ' yukozovskih zero sites different topics? . Sluggish in kazape links to them are taking, because there is a filter. It can easily forget about them? .

Discarded. I got rid gradually of almost all of their pilot sites.

3. In the news saying that the market for contextual advertising in runet for the year increased by 60%. This is a trend? .

This policy implications Yandex to oust seo optimization search market. Today in many niches easier to buy a context, than to suffer with the improvement of the site and finding it in the top. With the advent of spectrum, this task has become even more complicated, and dozens of recent innovations complicate it more. Sometimes the best effect is when you take off all the sound around sharply factors from the site - the site is literally flies into the top. I have a site on which work stopped in February, it fluctuates in the top, as if I had continued to maintain it. Why is the feeling that from you nothing at all depends, though it is not so.

Despite the growth in earnings in the context it is still below pre-crisis. I do not believe that the price will rise. My recent measurements show that the order of context comes up to five times less than with the search. Traffic and clicks there, and no orders. If so - no need to substantially raise the price per click.

I want to make your sites written procedure ' About CSO pipeline ' - for some reason plugging in finding a niche with normal advertisers.
Can you recommend a more or less normal algorithms to assess the potential niche, not to create a SOM that, in principle, none of the advertisers do not need.
While choosing a niche in the field looking toward the MFA, but in a different way.

Look toward the female subjects. Fashion, clothes, food, kids, gardening. There are a lot of traffic and good prices for the context. Ratings are simple - went into advords and watched what the CPC for different phrases. But it is better to focus on traffic. If it is, it protects you from being banned for posting links and will always give a piece of bread with teasers and context. Any where credit- car theme - it's good, but the traffic there is a lot smaller and harder to break into the top.

What news rolled? .
Much time, effort picks up? .

They went out for a partial payback (without advertising). There are some very bad news, but there really are to blame. Time and effort - well, but the main job does not interfere. Overall satisfied, but expectations were more. Saves the idea that we are still basically the only rental of its kind in the city.

You can call on vskidku businesses, which will not require constant monitoring and work on it, well, within reason:)?.

Any business with the construction of the system and delegation of authority no longer require constant monitoring. And so from the start - this does not happen, unless you buy the right business with the manager.

Far better to develop in terms of earnings in the network? One white project? Open your affiliate? Which site theme can confidently develop, to get a steady traffic?.

I always give advice to make a website for yourself, develop it, bring to mind and start to make a profit. Then the problem is what to do once she is removed. Develop a theme, in which at least something you know. So at least you will be hard to fool.

Do you plan to take the apartment? .

We plan. Maybe this year.

What to read to learn how to manage to talk to the asshole and contractors, and understand, cunt man or not? .

And what prevents not talk to assholes? . But nothing will help if you can not come to terms with the fact that people are different. Assessment of speech and text, often interfere with their own emotions. We must learn to manage them, and then other people suddenly become more transparent.

The easiest method to evaluate the sincerity of the individual - is take it out yourself and then you ask the right questions.

Do you use to monetize ( large scale) YAN contextual advertising? .

On a large scale - no. In the opinion of my colleagues in terms of monetization YAN advordsu inferior, in many ways, because of low relevancy ads. Hence, fewer clicks. I'm in the old days made ​​several sites in YAN, the reasons - or narrow tematichnost, or ' White degree ' project in conjunction with high traffic.

what is more important health or money?.

If health depends on money, money. And so - in each vozvraste and living our values. Once upon a time for me was more important than money, and now the internal harmony and peace of mind. Apparently, the next step - a healthy lifestyle.

On what stock exchanges is better to purchase perpetual exile?.

The choice is still there. If you need high quality and expensive - that GGL, if cheap, and how lucky - kazapa. Rotapost occupies an intermediate position. Articles worse. There is, or expensive ( miralinks and Sapa ), or how it will ( lieks ).

what business a reliable and profitable: online or offline?.
where the input is easier? .

Offline harder to put develops. But he falls for longer - you can manage to do much to correct the situation and the root. In online faster and cheaper. Online requires a constant tone, but the cost of failure is much lower. It's like printing and web design. If the printed edition, it will not change. A website can be corrected to infinity of small blood.

Log in to the market easier online. But the specifics of the amendment on the rate of the same. Another thing is that for a serious income in the network have to work hard, while for comparable money in only a couple of offline retail outlets. As for the niche and up model - Offline is often impossible due to territorial binding business: stupid is not enough money to cover the entire city of its points. In hard copy only online business requires a significant investment. So I have less and less interested in a simple and easy to implement ideas. The latest such story - with engines ' battle of brands '.

Recommend some reading on earnings in the burzhunete (can be in English). Should I even go there, or all niches are already taken apart?.

I like the course for MFA Translated from. Beksparka. Now he teaches courses. And so - it's not my niche, so my interest is very amateurish to a bourgeois.

Tell us about how the work is based travel agency of your wife. Revenues, expenses, revenues, important and interesting points. How does it work? .

nothing complicated. Accepted calls, process them by sending your reservation with the hotels, which previously signed a contract. At the end of the month, do check with the hotels and get rewards. Nuances is so great that there is no chance of paint. This is a million pieces of paper and over-regulation by Russian law. This is an annual insurance for the activity. This is an annual registration in the register of tour operators. This kidki from clients and hotels. This drill subordinates. This is a complex telephone circuit. This is an extensive network of sites to collect thematic traffic. This regular talks with the hotels under the contracts and remuneration. It takes up to 14 hours a day, my wife, and about half my working time. This is despite the additional staff to 4 people, which is approximately two times larger than any similar company in the region.

Whether in business ( at least in any ) insurance? .
Is there any experience of problems with the SES, fire, etc. Dr.. ?.
P. S. How about the answer in a video format? . In general, would you?.

In the tourism business insurance is compulsory for operators. Once a year, pay money and get the policy. Insurance claims have never been, so that the insurance fee is minimal, we. We would like to link to the insurance and rental activity, but as long as insurers turn up his nose.

SES and fire department we are not afraid. We have only one point of a public and formal requirements for fire protection, we meet the following. In addition, these guys, and without whom we have to do. Video - can not think of the format. And so - like a long time. But boring mumble under his breath, as Dimock, I do not want to.

How transliruesh post announcements in G?.
Machine, or the scientific method copy -paste?.
Currently, there are ways to broadcast for the lazy, like to Twitter from Feedburner?.

The automatic transmission I do not only refused to Twitter. The most interesting posts I advertise on your hands in the wall T and Facebook. The response is very low in FB. Thoughtless broadcast generally useless, IMHO. So lazy, stupid easy to score on a. Besides, what idiot needs to fidburner Twitter Stream?.

How better to do online store: under each product group, or your a ' supermarket '?.
That is, make a separate shop for stationery and shoes separately under one or boutiques sell everything?.

Shoes alone, stationery separately. With these product groups, even issues should not occur.

I have a site already with age, hi-tech subjects. It is easy to tie shop. Is it possible to find sellers of phones, tablet, computer, even the Chinese, with the purpose of receiving commission with?.
Where to find these vendors?.

The Chinese will not pay a commission. It will be necessary to redeem himself, store and sell. It seems to have any commission programs from major Russian stores. But not sure it will fill up shopping. Stream live better than Ebay or Amazon. They have a nice affiliate program and good prices for the goods.

a. Have you served in the army? .

I did not serve in it. I worked there from 1998 to the present day in the main hospital in the Baltic Fleet. My brother was. Nothing wrong with the modern Russian army is not. Nobody will beat, but dolboebizm and theft of personal belongings prosper. IMHO, it's a lost year of your life. On the other hand, many a dull life, that the army would be a nice variety of. Army - for people who are inclined to obey orders and execution besprikoslovnomu. Or those who wish to become as. The rest have nothing to do in the army.

2. At what age did you become a living? . Just to make money and start shooting odnushku? .

I began to live separately from the mother in 15 years. He began to study in another town and live with his grandfather, who in my life did not interfere. I advise to rent an apartment with a friend. First, it is cheaper. Second, without the company itself on the wall soon polezesh. And it does not mean that you should be friends. Just one is not so sad. If you want independence, it is never a reason to move out. This is the reason to wonder why you're so crappy house. Maybe enough to talk with your parents?.