пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

SMScoin gives bloggers an interesting kind of earnings

SMS- service billing SMScoin invites all bloggers a very interesting version of the revenue - SMS: Key.

If your blog or site has a large constant audience interested in the materials of your life, then you can for some new articles to open a full access only after the payment via SMS. For example, you wrote a three-dimensional useful article on some new and interesting topic for your readers. But then do not place it completely in the public domain (as usual) - then you put just the entry, and then offer to pay for access to this article. If a lot of readers, and worthy of an article - it's a good way to make money even in RuNet.

Also - the service offers a host of other options for income -related payments via SMS, which is optimal for micropayments.

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