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From Russia, fleeing people and money

Another zhalche that people running. The Chamber official said: ... The wave of immigration is slightly less than after 1917. This data confirms the director of the Federal Migration Service Romodanovsky: ... How much is returned, he did not say.

But all these can be multiplied by the number of official and two and three. Because not everyone decorate their immigration official. They still have our citizenship, is flat, and although the family has long lived in the West, the emigrant statistics, it does not fall.

Just left 1.25 million people - is it worth to worry about? . But because they think those who think people like cattle - on the head. However, the herdsman is not left without wipers. Left for engineers, doctors, scientists, students. Older scientists die young leave.

And we are comforted by talking about demography. Like, offset by a decline in visitors.

Unfortunately, most of these newcomers janitors, laborers. Even if the number of immigrants was equal to the number of people leaving, it might comfort him only a fool.

If a glass of vodka and pour continuously add water, the amount of liquid will be stable, the glass is still full of. But who will it drink?.
Power said: ...

Putin says ...

Greece - Bankrupt. At least one person from Greece emigrated to Russia?.

What's going on here? .

We come to Davos and invite investors to invest in Russia. Are these burzhuiny not know how to run from this capital?.
22 billion dollars - is this the same ...
On Wednesday, the deputy of the ... This - 500 000 businessmen. For the year. With their wives, parents and children - consider themselves.
The reason - not a crisis ( because the crisis in the world). The reason - the policy.
Leave intelligent, capable, healthy.
Who would have thought! .
But there is a question of immigrants. Hey you, young, smart, healthy - you have millions of. Why did you leave? .
In August 1991 the streets of Moscow roared tanks to drive people back into the socialist camp. On the street ( to the White House ), came only a few thousand and - turned the story. ].

Yes, we cheated and robbed and then. But the main lesson can not be canceled, citizens can turn the story.
Instead, they die, leave, giving football fans Manege. ( If it was not a note in the newspaper, and the speech at the rally, then this place would have yelled: ... ).

Office on Drugs - the world's largest. For alcohol - first in the world. Abortion - the first in the world. Are we - Never in my life evil, stupid, silly?.
But Russian and live in other states. And there they are increasingly. And there they behave differently. So, it's not in the genes, not of blood, and in the State. The system.
The system promises to women money for children. The system distributes awards ( more athletes ). Soon there will be reward for labor, will be given a medal for not having gone.

The world population is growing. And not only in China and India. Brazil added 30 million, Canada is a stable added 8 million, the old Japan - 9000000. And rich and poor countries grow. And Russia (which is easier all through the crisis ) is reduced. Made a census, stole a bunch of money, but are silent about the results, adding machine was broken, rusted scores.
And here are killing so many and so easily, as if the killers think that taking away someone else's life, they increase their.
And here reduces the formation of up to four items, although it would be logical to cut up to one. Cram all the science in a few pages OBZH. The main thing is the textbook should be simple.
arithmetic. Bribe rollback = Budget Palace.
geography. City of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Skolkovo located on the outskirts of the cooperative ...
economic Geography. Since 2000, the city of St. Petersburg, Moscow and all the others, where there is something useful, are included in the boundaries of the cooperative ...
right. Law number one: Putin is always right. ( This is the main law of Russia, formulated by scientists Churov, which is awarded for the post with flashing lights. ).
From a number of law logically follow all other laws, including the Criminal Code. So, for the same offense someone gets 14 years, someone - the Order of Merit. ( Foreigners only outraged because they did not understand the law is still number 1. Kadyrov - the case, forcing the weak to question number 1. ).
Physics and Chemistry. Energy saving light bulb is screwed into the filter, purifying water from the radioactivity. Land released for Science Cities and the world championships in football.
nanotechnology. The precipitate after a multibillion-dollar investment, measured in millichubaysah.
medicine. poultices.
education. Harmful superstition, a relic of the past damned.
reading. Bad habit interferes with watching TV. In the near future, a light reading will be prosecuted.
astronomy. Temporarily closed due to loss of satellite.
social science. Forward, Russia!.
A few days ago... Defense Minister traveled to the Kuril Islands Japanese tease. He returned and reported to the president: ...
Well what can I say. It is a pity that most of the population of Russia somehow different from the poor inhabitants of wild islands.
P. S. Surveys in schools show that 45% of graduates do not exclude the possibility of leaving, and from 18 to 24 % are determined to seek out. Ready to leave the country up to 30 % of entrepreneurs. 4 million Russians have a residence permit in the EU and the U.S.. Hundreds of thousands of families send their children to study abroad. Russian apartments and houses in the UK today, more than 400,000 in Germany - about 350 000 in France - not less than 250,000....
For 79% of potential emigrants, the motive is the desire to live under the rule of law, human rights and freedoms, and for 69% - to avoid the arbitrariness of the authorities. ( Data are presented by Vladislav Inozemtsev, the director of the Center for Post-Industrial Society. ).


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