понедельник, 4 июня 2012 г.

In detail

Heromant. asked the torch run. On topic, I do not have enough. A Fig knows?. It seems just enough. Maybe sometimes lack the ability to focus at the right time. Perhaps the courage of everyday life is not always enough. Maybe mandatory. But if enough of me to be a man - the robot would have been a.

Again, trolls Otake. I'm sitting, smiling. And you poulybaytes. To outright mockery of feedback and did not make it - fellow retired.

half_nightmare (20:23:52 15/02/2010).
or whatever your patronymic Wöhl?.

15505479 (20:24:20 15/02/2010).
good. ).

half_nightmare (20:25:21 15/02/2010).
Please do share your thoughts on earnings!.

half_nightmare (20:38:57 15/02/2010).
on what questions you can consult?.

15505479 (20:40:50 15/02/2010).
on any. ask.

half_nightmare (20:41:33 15/02/2010).
Should I start hoditsya the seminars ' Novice investors ' even though I did not boom boom.
hachu to get big money.
ie many kolichesktvo not just larger in size!.

15505479 (20:42:59 15/02/2010).
investor - is the one who invests its available cash. how much money you have for investment?.

half_nightmare (20:46:34 15/02/2010).
$ 100 is enough?.

half_nightmare (21:28:34 15/02/2010).
Offline Message (15. 02. 2010 21:11:51 ).
cost is to do what I chtol govaryat?.

half_nightmare (21:28:34 15/02/2010).
Offline Message (15. 02. 2010 21:14:44 ).
Well, like I have acne, but I squeezed govaryat or wave! .

half_nightmare (21:28:34 15/02/2010).
Offline Message (15. 02. 2010 21:15:36 ).
and yet I would like to gain weight but nekak nepoluchaetsya.

half_nightmare (21:32:54 15/02/2010).
also in the astral hachu!.

half_nightmare (21:33:00 15/02/2010).
how to get it? *.

Speaking of porn. The club flashed a reference to the book by Alex Goia ' Thank you all '. Awesome. Persons in the subject, even considering that the book was written ' nigger ' on the grounds. read all. For newbies just alphabet free, though by kontentschika, not adverts. I firmly for five years immersed in the subject because of one customer, it was nice to remember the days of dashing. smiled.

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